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The Hummingbird Haus loves working with wood. With sustainable vertically integrated production, we are able to custom cut and build nearly anything!

Our favorite projects include:

 1. Custom lumber production

 2. Timber framing

 3. Functional furniture

 4. Live edge slabs

Our process

 1. We sustainably harvest hardwoods from our forest and select only the straightest logs for lumber

 2. We cut the logs on our sawmill into lumber or timber based on project needs

 3. We air dry the lumber

 4. We joint and plane the lumber to flat surfaces with 90 degree angles

 5. We build and create pieces

To keep things simple, we only cut logs when we have a specific project in mind. This minimizes our inventory and potential waste of materials.

Wood working services

We have a number of customers that purchase custom lumber. Often projects require just a few pieces, or they are larger custom orders well in advance of the build date. Either way, it starts with a conversation.

Depending on your project, we may have exactly what you need. If you have a cut list, we can provide dimensional lumber and even deliver it.

Pricing is based on board foot and the species of wood. This is a very economical option as we typically charge 10-20% less than what you can buy at the lumber yard.

Some of our customers bring their own logs. Should you want, we may be able to handle pickup from your location and deliver finished lumber.

Pricing is based on time at a rate of $75/hour. Most logs take less than an hour to cut. This is definitely the most cost effective option, but we do charge a $30 blade fee for each new customer.

Whichever direction you want to go, it starts with a phone call or email.

Our equipment inventory includes:

 1. Sawmill

 2. Drying platforms

 3. 8" jointer

 4. 20" planer with 8" maximum thickness

 5. 19" bandsaw

 6. Table saw

 7. Timber framing equipment and tooling

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